Brittany Williams, Founder

TYOWN Lucas, Founder

Who We Are

In 2017, Ladies N the Sky was founded to provide travel and tourism services.  Ladies N the Sky is non-judgment group style travel agency that seeks to bring women together to create new friendships, embrace different travel experiences and of course enjoy the beauty of every country. We are a full-service online travel agency. We make and manage all the travel reservations and provide travel assistance before, during and after travel. Ladies N the Sky’s primary travel goals are to travel safe and affordable.  We’re committed to making your travel experiences as easy for you as possible.

Ladies N the Sky specializes in providing the best travel services across the country.  We host 2-4 international trips a year. We are also able to create customized itineraries for our clients based on their personal plans and preferences. In our line of work we don’t only make plans, we help you build experiences and memories. Let us arrange the details of your next trip — call today for a free consultation.

Why Ladies N The Sky

WE do the Booking & YOU do the Traveling

Here at Ladies N the Sky like to describe ourselves as a “The Dream Makers” travel consultants. But what does that mean for you as a traveler?

Our group travel management services allow you to leave the details to us, so you can concentrate on having a successful vacation, conference, or retreat. Unlike another online-only service that finds you cheap fares, Ladies N the Sky is a complete travel management service that facilitates your entire trip and beyond. In addition to getting the best fares and rates that make sense for your travel needs, we provide you with a range of value-added benefits that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Ladies N The Sky Experience

When you book travel with us, we don’t consider it our job to provide you with excellent service—we consider it our goal and our promise to you. From the moment you contact an agent, your satisfaction, security, and comfort is our top priority. How do we make sure we meet this goal?

  • Personalized Service. Your dedicated travel agent takes the time to get to know you and those who will be traveling with you (your group). What’s the purpose of your trip? What could make it better? Your agent will always strive to do more in order to give you an unforgettable travel experience.
  • Custom Solutions. We meet any special needs you have. Private transportation? Meeting room or party space? You will have it. With connections to ground operations around the world, your Ladies N the Sky agent can access the most reliable providers at your destination.

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